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This project of mine March 20, 2010

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Hanging out Bosporus-side? This is my Istanbul

Istanbul is a wild, crazy, beautiful city, and many writers have spend long hours trying to describe the city, its residents, and their connection to the place. This is not my attempt to do that.

This is my ongoing exploration of the parts of this city that form the better part of my experiences living here, piecemeal, bit by random bit. There will be parts of Istanbul that are left out, but they’re not part of my Istanbul. Likewise, there will be parts that most folks’d never get to, or never consider a unique facet of this city. That’s ok. It’s a quirky city, and I’ve found quirky bits of it in my time living here.

Also, I’m not a purist, so posts may blur into “this is my Turkey” or or whatever floats my boat. We’ll just have to see. Exciting, no?


3 Responses to “This project of mine”

  1. trottinglobe Says:

    Exciting project! And I am glad you are giving WordPress a go, your set-up looks awesome! Can we catch up sometime? If not I am just going to have to stalk your blog, and it sounds like I will just get that bit by bit! You leave me no other option :).

  2. Zebo Says:

    ı like this photo

  3. Diane Keene Says:

    I happened upon your wonderful site totally by accident and was drawn to your positive spirit and the fascinating information and pictures of Istanbul. I teach 6th grade Eastern civilizations and have learned many new things to share with my students from your project! Thank you for sharing!

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