This is my Istanbul

The things that shape how I experience the city

About March 20, 2010

Istanbul is a wild, crazy, beautiful city, and many writers have spend long hours trying to describe the city, its residents, and their connection to the place. This is not my attempt to do that.

This is my ongoing exploration of the parts of this city that form the better part of my experiences living here, piecemeal, bit by random bit. There will be parts of Istanbul that are left out, but they’re not part of my Istanbul. Likewise, there will be parts that most folks’d never get to, or never consider a unique facet of this city. That’s ok. It’s a quirky city, and I’ve found quirky bits of it in my time living here.

Also, I’m not a purist, so posts my blur into “this is my Turkey” or or whatever floats my boat. We’ll just have to see. Exciting, no?


8 Responses to “About”

  1. Exciting indeed! And a wonderful start to the site. You are doing for Istanbul what we are trying to do for Fethiye.

    We were last in Istanbul at the end of Feb and loved it just as much as every other visit. Hopefully, we’ll be back again in October. We keep threatening to do the Eurasia run – but let’s see.

    We wish you the very best of luck with the blog and the city!

    • Rebecca Says:

      Thanks! And I really enjoy your blog as well! I’ve been to most of the country, but never made to Fethiye. It looks like paradise. You should definitely do the Eurasia run — I, an avowed nonrunner, ran the beginning bit, across the bridge, and it was just great. I’ve a photo of a man running across the bridge with a full tray of simit on his head. Burasi Turkiye!

  2. Abby Says:

    Rebecca, thanks so much for the link! How’s Turkey in July? I miss Istanbul a lot, Athens is just not the same (although still cool).

  3. Claudia Karam Says:

    I am a native of Istanbul, now liveing for over 30 years in the US..stumbled upon your blog and loved your style and the very concept. You have a fresh and really nice way of expresing yourself, and I have enjoyed your blog.Stay well and happy !

  4. Jackie Silva Says:


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  5. CrashTester Says:

    Hi there…great blog, very interesting! If you would be interested in doing a link exchange with my Turkish Life Forums, please get in touch 🙂

  6. Yesim Says:

    Fantastic blog. We love it !

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