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Turkey Online June 21, 2010

There are many, many good web resources out there about Turkey. My bookmark folders are getting too full and I’m always forgetting one or another when sending lists of blogs and sites to folks, so this is an evolving list of Turkeysites around the web. If you know of ones I’ve missed, please let me know!


Blogs and Sites of Turks and Turkophiles

Personal blogs based in Istanbul

Personal blogs based not in Istanbul


Turkey News


Turkey Politics/Reporting on Turkey


Turkish Food


Expat Fora and Sites


Sports in Turkey

Community Centers






Language Links


2 Responses to “Turkey Online”

  1. That’s some list there! I will do my utmost to check ’em. As for one you missed — yeah, mine:

    …then again, I have been on a super-long hiatus. At least on the writing front. Hopefully I can say I’m back in action, the craziness of life permitting.

    Meanwhile, I should reciprocate & stick you on my blogroll. Apologies for the oversight 🙂

  2. isadora345 Says:

    There is also our website! Brand new and just in Italian for now, for Italians living in Istanbul!

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